Donald Trump’s Counterclaim for Defamation Dismissed by Judge in New York

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In a significant legal setback for former President Donald Trump, Judge Lewis A Kaplan in New York dismissed Trump’s counterclaim for defamation against writer E Jean Carroll. This comes after Trump was found liable for sexual abuse and defamation against Carroll, resulting in a hefty fine of $5 million. Carroll also continues to pursue a separate defamation case against Trump, further complicating his legal battles.

Judge Kaplan ruled that when Carroll reiterated her accusation that Trump raped her, her words were “substantially true.” Providing a detailed analysis, he outlined why it may be argued that Trump committed the alleged rape. Notably, the 77-year-old former president currently faces a staggering 78 criminal indictments, including charges related to election subversion, retention of classified documents, and hush-money payments to a porn star. There are also ongoing investigations into his business practices, with a potential indictment looming in Georgia for election subversion.

Carroll initially came forward with her assault allegation against Trump in 2019, revealing that the incident occurred in a New York department store changing room in the mid-1990s. Her claims joined a chorus of other women who accused Trump of assault throughout his career in real estate and entertainment, prior to his foray into politics.

In response to Carroll’s allegations, Trump labeled her a “whack job” in an interview with CNN. This prompted Carroll to increase her damages claim against him. Trump countered by stating that Carroll made false statements or recklessly disregarded their truthfulness. However, Judge Kaplan dismissed Trump’s counterclaim against Carroll, providing an insightful legal explanation of the issues involved.

Although the New York case has been decided in favor of Carroll, the federal case against Trump is still ongoing, with Carroll seeking $10 million in damages. A trial for the federal case is scheduled for January 15, coinciding with the start of the Republican primary and other pending court cases involving Trump.

Roberta Kaplan, Carroll’s lawyer, expressed satisfaction with Judge Kaplan’s decision and predicted that the January trial would conclude swiftly. On the other hand, Alina Habba, Trump’s lawyer, disagreed vehemently with the judge’s ruling, affirming their intention to file an appeal soon.

This legal development serves as a reminder of the intense scrutiny surrounding Donald Trump and the numerous legal challenges he faces. As the events continue to unfold, all eyes are on the upcoming trial and its potential implications for Trump’s political future.

Information and support for anyone affected by rape or sexual abuse are available through organizations such as Rainn in the US on 800-656-4673, Rape Crisis in the UK on 0808 500 2222, and 1800Respect in Australia on 1800 737 732. International helplines can be found at

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