Donald Trump Jr. Testifies in Defense, Highlights Trump Organization’s Real Estate Ventures

Mar-a-Lago estate is seen Aug. 10, 2022, in Palm Beach, Fla.

During the ongoing trial, Donald Trump Jr. took the stand to defend his family’s company, providing a detailed account of the Trump Organization’s real estate ventures through a slide show titled “The Trump Story.” Despite objections from state attorneys about the glossy presentation, Judge Arthur Engoron allowed the slides, enabling Trump Jr. to offer an unrestricted narrative about the company’s properties. He described his father, Donald Trump, as a visionary in real estate, emphasizing the meticulous details and luxury features of their properties, such as Seven Springs estate and 40 Wall Street.

In a segment of his testimony, Trump Jr. focused on the Trump Organization’s transformation of historic properties, referring to them as the “canvas” for his father’s artistic vision. He humorously noted his father’s propensity for extended speeches, quipping about sharing half of those genes.

Trump Jr. also addressed the valuation of Mar-a-Lago Club, contesting Judge Engoron’s pretrial ruling that estimated its worth significantly lower than the company’s claim. He used the example of a smaller nearby property on sale for $50 million to challenge the judge’s valuation, emphasizing the club’s opulent features.

Additionally, courtroom sketch artist Jane Rosenberg received another opportunity to sketch Trump Jr., aiming to improve on her previous attempt. Trump Jr. humorously commented on a photo of his brother, Eric Trump, during his testimony, attributing its quality to extensive Photoshop.

Focusing on the Trump Organization’s development projects, Trump Jr. recounted converting a Bronx landfill into a golf course, describing previous attempts as an “old-school New York mob job.”

After approximately three hours of testimony, Trump Jr. concluded his time on the stand. In his final moments, he speculated on the future of the Trump Organization, suggesting its fate hinges on the outcome of future legal proceedings. Assistant New York Attorney General Colleen Faherty briefly cross-examined him regarding the financial status of some Trump properties, with Trump Jr. expressing satisfaction with the Hilton’s deal to buy out the Trump Organization’s Hawaii hotel licensing agreement.

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