Dognapper Arrested After Terrifying Car Chase with French Bulldog’s Owner Clinging to Hood

A Los Angeles dognapper has been apprehended by the police after a heart-stopping car chase involving a French bulldog and its owner. The incident, captured on video, left witnesses and the victim in a state of disbelief and fear.

The suspect, identified as 21-year-old Sadie Slater, was arrested by the Los Angeles Police in Inglewood on Saturday. She is now facing charges related to the brazen theft of the black Merle French bulldog named Onyx. Slater’s bail has been set at $70,000, according to ABC 7.

The fate of Onyx remains uncertain, as it is yet to be confirmed if the beloved pet has been found or returned to its owner, Ali Zacharias. The terrifying ordeal unfolded on January 18 around 2:30 p.m. when Zacharias and Onyx were enjoying a peaceful lunch at the Whole Foods on Grand Avenue and Eighth Street.

A female stranger approached Zacharias, calling for the dog. Initially assuming it was a mistake, Zacharias tried to clarify that Onyx was her pet. However, the stranger ignored her pleas and proceeded to grab the dog’s leash, attempting to walk away. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Zacharias desperately tried to intervene.

The dognapper swiftly made her way to a waiting getaway car, where four others were already seated. Zacharias, determined to save her beloved pet, attempted to enter the vehicle but was forcefully pushed out and locked out. Filled with panic, she positioned herself in front of the car, screaming for help, but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

As the situation escalated, the car accelerated, with Zacharias clinging to the hood for dear life. Witness Harrison Pessy, who captured the horrifying incident on video, described the scene as “horrifying.” The white vehicle raced down the street, with Zacharias desperately holding on, fearing for her life.

In a chilling account, Zacharias recalled the moment she believed her life was in imminent danger. As the car accelerated even further, she thought, “I’m about to die. This is my death. Right now. I’m about to die.” The suspects continued driving for several blocks, with Zacharias precariously perched on the hood.

Eventually, a sharp turn violently threw Zacharias off the car, causing her to crash onto the ground. Determined to seek justice, she immediately reported the incident to the LAPD, who promptly launched an investigation. Surveillance footage from the area was examined, and the police described the vehicle as a newer white Kia Forte sedan with a missing hubcap on the driver’s front side.

Authorities released a photo of a woman wearing a gray hoodie and purple sweatpants, believed to be the suspect. However, it is unclear if this individual is Sadie Slater. Another suspect, described as a man in his mid-20s, is also being sought in connection with the crime.

French bulldog thefts have become increasingly prevalent, given their rising popularity and high market value. These adorable puppies often fetch prices exceeding $1,000, making them attractive targets for criminals.

As the investigation continues, the arrest of Sadie Slater brings hope that justice will be served. The Los Angeles community eagerly awaits news of Onyx’s safe return to its rightful owner, Ali Zacharias, who endured a harrowing ordeal in her quest to protect her beloved pet.


Author: CrimeDoor

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