DNA Match Strengthens Case Against Gilgo Beach Serial Killing Suspect, Rex Heuermann

Prosecutors announced on Wednesday that DNA from a cheek swab of Gilgo Beach serial killing suspect, Rex Heuermann, 60, matches DNA previously extracted from a discarded pizza crust, linking him to victim Megan Waterman.

Heuermann was arrested on July 13, charged with the murders of Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman, and Amber Costello. Their bodies were discovered on a secluded beach highway on Long Island. Heuermann is also the prime suspect in the death of a fourth woman. Although he has pleaded not guilty, he remains in Suffolk County Jail in Riverhead without bail.

Initially, DNA from the pizza crust had been tied to Heuermann’s estranged wife, Asa Ellerup. However, further analysis matched it to hairs found on Waterman’s body. To solidify this evidence, a court-approved cheek swab from Heuermann was tested, which confirmed the link. Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney stated in court, “The buccal swab erases all doubt.”

Heuermann’s arrest, over a decade after the initial discovery of 10 sets of remains near Gilgo Beach, reignites the theory that some of the victims may have fallen prey to a serial killer. While authorities have speculated multiple perpetrators might be involved, many of these murders are yet to be resolved.

Heuermann, an architect, has been reviewing the substantial evidence against him. However, his defense lawyer, Michael Brown, challenged the credibility of the DNA findings, asserting that the hair could not conclusively be linked to his client.

Lou Nightingale
Author: Lou Nightingale

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