Disgraced Professor Shellyne Rodriguez Burns American Flag at Pro-Palestinian Rally in Brooklyn

Disgraced Professor Shellyne Rodriguez Burns American Flag at Pro-Palestinian Rally in Brooklyn

In a disturbing video that has resurfaced, former professor Shellyne Rodriguez, who was recently dismissed from Cooper Union for making anti-Israel statements, was seen burning an American flag at a pro-Palestinian rally in Brooklyn on the Fourth of July. The clip, recorded in 2021, shows Rodriguez tossing the flag into a pile of already-burning Israeli flags, while the crowd cheers and chants slogans calling for the eradication of Israel.

The rally was organized by the extreme leftist group Within Our Lifetime, known for their involvement in numerous anti-Israel hate rallies following October 7. Chants of “From Palestine to Mexico, all the walls have got to go” echoed through the crowd, as captured in Instagram posts. Another post from Within Our Lifetime showed Rodriguez leading protestors at a demonstration about a week after the Fourth of July rally, where chants of “globalize the intifada” were heard, and signs calling for the abolition of the settler state were displayed.

Within Our Lifetime, a socialist group, had previously shared a map in November that identified New York City newsrooms, businesses, and landmark buildings as targets for “direct action” to “globalize intifada.” Rodriguez, who has also organized anti-police protests resulting in mass arrests, was fired from Hunter College and the School of Visual Arts in May after she threatened a Post reporter with a machete, following him and a photographer.

The antisemitism watchdog group Canary Mission has been investigating Rodriguez’s “violent and antisemitic actions” and her ties to radical groups like Within Our Lifetime. They stated, “Shellyne Rodriguez’s violent and antisemitic actions are emblematic of a disturbing trend tied to extremist ideologies.” Canary Mission called for universities to take decisive action to prevent the spread of antisemitism and ensure the protection of Jewish students, rather than providing a platform for those who perpetuate extremism and hate.

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