Discover Top True Crime News Websites and Mobile Apps

True crime news websites and mobile apps.

A list of some of the top true crime news websites and mobile apps, known for their coverage of true crime stories, documentaries, podcasts, and related content:

Websites and Mobile Apps

  • CrimeOnline: Founded by Nancy Grace, Crime Online ushers in a new era of combatting crime and crime awareness. From the “Most Wanted” across the country to missing people and Amber Alerts, nationwide breaking crime news, sex offender registries, jail breaks, “caught-on-video,” tip lines and the newest, slickest consumer scams, Crime Online arms its audience with need-to-know information that not only allows them to protect themselves but also gather as a community – a crime-busting nation – to fight back.
  • The True Crime Database: This website has a passion for all things True Crime, with a curious and avid interest in cases of unsolved crime, serial murder and war crimes. The purpose of this project is to compile the most comprehensive library of information on different types of criminal cases, from the historic to more contemporary crimes. We have a helpful “Category System” designed to make it easier to search for a specific type of offence from Arson to War Crimes, and “Related Case Files” within each article for those who wish to read more about associated crimes.
  • Oxygen: Watch full episodes of Oxygen true crime shows including Snapped, Killer Couples, and Three Days to Live. Visit Crime Time for breaking crime news and listen to the Martinis & Murder podcast.
  • CrimeDoor: CrimeDoor is the only online platform and mobile app that delivers updated True Crime news 24 hours a day. The CrimeDoor mobile app and website are dedicated platforms for crime enthusiasts to consume accurate information by offering a collection of action crime videos that include criminals caught on camera and police body cam footage, in-depth articles that cover trials, unsolved cases, and crime media from around the world. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly hub where users can explore and learn about everything crime-related. The companion daily TV show, CrimeDoor TV, streams on Roku, Tubi, Vizio and Freevee.
  • CrimeReads: CrimeReads is a culture website for people who believe suspense is the essence of storytelling, questions are as important as answers, and nothing beats the thrill of a good book. It’s a single, trusted source where readers can find the best writing from the worlds of crime, mystery, and thrillers—a literary culture that’s more robust than ever, but diffuse.
  • Murderpedia: This website is a free online encyclopedic dictionary of murderers and the largest database about serial killers and mass murderers around the world.
  • The Lineup: To say we’re fans of everything creepy would be an understatement. Whether it’s the latest Stephen King book, a collection of under-the-radar horror movies, or an unsolved case that’s still haunting us 50 years later, we’re dying to share our latest dark obsessions with fellow enthusiasts. Check back daily as we unearth historical crimes, real ghost stories, and the scariest book recommendations.
  • Wild About Trial: This website offers live streams of trials, updates on criminal cases, and detailed information about various court cases.
  • True Crime Daily: Offers daily news updates on crime stories, investigation details, and legal developments.
  • Investigation Discovery (ID): The website for the ID channel provides articles, videos, and information on true crime TV shows.
  • Realm: Offers serialized crime stories in written and audio formats, including some based on true events.
  • Audible: While primarily an audiobook platform, Audible has a significant collection of true crime audiobooks and podcasts.
  • Dateline NBC: Offers full episodes and clips from the Dateline television series, known for its true crime journalism.
  • Reddit (via True Crime subreddits): The Reddit app provides access to various true crime communities where users discuss cases and share news.

Podcast Specific Platforms

  • Apple Podcasts: Offers a vast array of true crime podcasts.
  • Spotify: Alongside music, Spotify hosts numerous popular true crime podcasts.

These websites and apps cover a broad spectrum of true crime content, from breaking news and live trial coverage to in-depth analyses and podcasts. Always remember that the nature of true crime content can be intense or disturbing, so it’s important to consume such content responsibly.

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