Disabled Woman Subjected to Extreme Abuse at Queens Group Home, Lawsuit Alleges

Disabled Woman Subjected to Extreme Abuse at Queens Group Home, Lawsuit Alleges

A shocking lawsuit has been filed against a Queens group home, alleging that a profoundly disabled woman, identified as SB, was subjected to a series of horrific abuses by the facility’s staff. The lawsuit claims that SB, a nonverbal 29-year-old with a low IQ and various mental health conditions, including bipolar disorder and ADHD, was repeatedly sent to the emergency room by the twisted staffers at the 226th Street residence in Laurelton.

According to court documents, SB’s family asserts that the staff displayed “staggering violence and cruelty” towards her, resulting in a significant decline in her physical and mental well-being. Jennifer Waldron, SB’s sister, detailed the staff’s alleged mistreatment, which included beating SB with a cable box, throwing a boot at her, and failing to intervene when another resident assaulted her by slapping and throwing boiling tea at her.

The extent of the abuse came to light in February 2022 when an anonymous whistleblower sent Waldron four distressing videos showing SB being violated. Waldron promptly reported the alleged abuse to the state Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs, which substantiated the complaints of sexual and physical abuse. Criminal charges were filed against three workers involved in the abuse, namely Latisha Woodall, Marjorie Cadesty, and Amelia Parcells. However, the details of these cases have been sealed.

Waldron has filed a lawsuit seeking unspecified damages against the Independent Living Association, the organization responsible for operating the group home. Although the workers involved in the abuse no longer work at the facility, SB continues to reside there, while Waldron struggles to secure an alternative living arrangement for her sister, as stated by her lawyer, David Lebowitz.

The Justice Center informed The Post that the three workers have been permanently barred from working with individuals with special needs in New York. The Independent Living Association has not yet responded to requests for comment.

This distressing case highlights the urgent need for improved oversight and protection of vulnerable individuals in group homes. The allegations of abuse and the subsequent legal action against the staff involved have sent shockwaves through the community, raising concerns about the safety and well-being of disabled individuals in similar facilities.

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  1. There are no errors or inaccuracies in the post. However, without more specific information about the lawsuit and the alleged abuses, it is difficult to provide credible sources to support or refute the claim. It would be helpful to have more details about the lawsuit and any available evidence before seeking sources to support or challenge the allegations.

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