Detroit Pistons Center Isaiah Stewart Arrested for Assault on Phoenix Suns Center Drew Eubanks

Detroit Pistons center Isaiah Stewart was arrested for assault on Wednesday after allegedly punching Phoenix Suns center Drew Eubanks at the Footprint Center in Phoenix. The incident occurred in the arena’s parking lot, according to police reports. Stewart, who was already sidelined due to a sprained left ankle, was issued a citation and subsequently released.

Eubanks, who managed to play in the game despite sustaining a minor injury, stated that the altercation took place as he was entering the arena. He described a heated argument that escalated to a physical confrontation, with Stewart throwing the punch. Security personnel intervened to separate the players.

Both teams have responded to the incident. The Suns issued a statement condemning the attack on Eubanks, emphasizing their support for him and their commitment to cooperating with local law enforcement and the NBA. The Pistons acknowledged their awareness of the situation and stated that they are gathering information to respond to the league and authorities.

Pistons coach Monty Williams, who was previously with the Suns, expressed his belief that the team’s statement was premature, emphasizing the need for a thorough investigation before drawing conclusions. Williams highlighted the importance of gathering all relevant information before making any official statements.

This is not the first time Stewart has been involved in an altercation. In 2021, he had an on-court incident with Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James, resulting in suspensions for both players.

While the incident has marred the pre-game atmosphere, Suns star Kevin Durant called for unity and moving forward, acknowledging that such incidents are unfortunate and should be avoided in the league. Durant expressed support for Eubanks and emphasized the importance of prioritizing the game amidst the surrounding noise.

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  1. This incident involving Isaiah Stewart and Drew Eubanks reminds me of a similar case that occurred in the NBA a few years ago. In 2018, during a game between the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Lakers, tensions escalated between players Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul.

    During the fourth quarter, Rondo and Paul got into a heated verbal exchange that quickly turned physical. Rondo allegedly spit in Paul’s face, which led to Paul retaliating by throwing a punch. A scuffle broke

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