Denver Police Arrest Six After Police Pursuit, Fake Hostage Situation, and Shooting in Cole Neighborhood

Denver police arrested six individuals following a police pursuit that resulted in a forced stop, a fabricated hostage situation, and a subsequent police shooting in the Cole neighborhood. The incident occurred on August 25 at around 11:20 p.m. in the 3500 block of York Street.

Body camera footage released by the Denver Police Department shows shots being fired at police from inside a pickup truck during the pursuit. In the footage, an officer in a patrol SUV bumps the truck, causing it to roll and come to a stop on its side. Several officers surround the truck and instruct the occupants, two men and two women, to show their hands and exit the vehicle.

One of the men, identified as Keith Michael Mosley, 35, emerges from the truck while pretending to hold a gun to a woman’s head. Mosley is heard threatening to kill her. Due to the darkness and distance, officers believed Mosley to be armed. The pair moves away from the truck, ignoring commands from the officers.

Eventually, the officer with a rifle fires one shot, hitting Mosley, and both he and the woman fall to the ground. The woman claims to have the gun and expresses a desire to harm herself. Officers continue to instruct them to show their hands and place them on their heads. After a few minutes, Mosley surrenders.

Three guns were recovered at the scene, but none were found on or near Mosley or the woman. One gun was discovered in the street, close to where the truck had rolled, another was found under the truck, and a third was located inside the truck after a search warrant was executed.

Mosley was taken to a hospital in stable condition, while the woman was treated for a leg injury. Two other individuals who remained inside the truck during the incident were also transported to a hospital. The driver of the truck, a 28-year-old man, was arrested for a parole violation.

Additionally, two women, one who stayed in the truck and the woman who was held hostage, were arrested on unrelated warrants. Two other suspects were apprehended at a residence in the 4700 block of Josephine Street, near the origin of the pickup truck pursuit.

Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas stated that the man and woman involved in the hostage situation were known to each other and had planned the incident to deceive the police and evade arrest. The police department released the body camera footage as part of their practice to provide additional details beyond the initial briefing at the scene.

The investigation is ongoing, and one of the suspects is being investigated for criminal attempted first-degree murder in connection to a road rage incident that occurred earlier on August 25 on Interstate 25 near Colfax Avenue.


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