Delphi Murder Case: Private Exchange Between Judge and Allen’s Attorneys Prior to Their Withdrawal

A recently released transcript from the Delphi murders trial has shed light on a behind-the-scenes conversation between Judge Gull and the former defense team of Richard Allen, the accused in the case of Abby Williams and Libby German’s killings. The transcript unveils a pre-court hearing discussion that ultimately led to the disqualification of Allen’s former lawyers, Brad Rozzi and Andrew Baldwin.

The in-chambers conversation occurred prior to the October 19th court hearing, during which Rozzi and Baldwin were informed of their disqualification from the case. Judge Gull, in the transcript, shared the document outlining her reasons for disqualifying the legal team.

Gull cited their alleged gross negligence in handling various aspects of the case, including concerns about document leaks where evidence photos were taken from Baldwin’s office. The judge expressed apprehension about Allen’s right to competent and non-negligent representation, with the transcript revealing her preference to address these concerns privately rather than in open court.

According to the transcript, Rozzi and Baldwin felt compelled to withdraw from the case, with Rozzi stating, “I’m gonna file a motion to withdraw. I don’t want to do it, but I don’t think I have a choice at this point.” He cited feeling publicly shamed as one of the options given by the court without prior notice.

During the October 19th hearing, Judge Gull officially announced the withdrawal of Rozzi and Baldwin from the case. Subsequently, Rozzi filed a motion to continue representing Allen, alleging that the court had ambushed them and placed them in a compromising position. He also requested Gull’s removal from the case.

In response, Gull appointed Allen’s new defense attorneys, Robert Scremin and William Lebrato, and rescheduled the trial to October 2024.

Author: CrimeDoor

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