Delivery Driver Caught Defecating in Florida Apartment Building Lobby

A shocking incident unfolded in a North Miami Beach apartment building when a Postmates delivery driver was caught on security footage defecating in the lobby’s kitchen. The incident, captured on video, has left residents and management concerned about the potential sanitary risks posed by body fluids in a food preparation area.

According to property manager Julio Bajdaun, the delivery driver had initially entered the apartment complex to drop off food at a resident’s door. However, it became apparent that he had other intentions. The driver proceeded to the kitchen located downstairs and defecated on the floor, leaving behind a disturbing scene for residents to discover.

The security footage reveals the driver waiting near the elevator before entering the kitchen and removing his pants. He even goes as far as taking off his shirt. The incident has been reported to the North Miami Beach police, who are treating it as a criminal mischief case.

Residents, understandably disgusted by the incident, expressed their concerns about the unsanitary conditions and questioned the driver’s actions. Clara Kinis, a resident, wondered why the driver chose to defecate on the floor when there were four available bathrooms equipped with toilet paper and soap.

The video footage also captures the driver hastily leaving the apartment building after committing the act. The incident has raised questions about the delivery driver’s behavior and the potential risks to public health.

Postmates, the delivery service involved, has been contacted for comment on the incident. Meanwhile, residents and management are left grappling with the aftermath and the need to address the sanitary concerns posed by this disturbing event.

Author: CrimeDoor

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