Deliberations to Begin in Wilmington, Delaware Crime Spree Murder Case

Metro by T-Mobile store in Elsmere, Delaware.

The trial of Keith Gibson, accused of a series of violent crimes in Wilmington, including two murders, is nearing its conclusion as the jury prepares for deliberations. Gibson faces charges of first-degree murder and attempted murder for the killings of Leslie Ruiz-Basilio and Ronald Wright in the spring of 2021, along with related robbery charges.

Ruiz-Basilio, 28, was murdered at an Elsmere cell phone store in May 2021, while Wright, 42, was killed at a Wilmington residence a month later. Additionally, Gibson is accused of shooting a convenience-store clerk and robbing a Rite Aid in the city. Philadelphia law enforcement has also indicated their intention to charge Gibson with four additional murders that occurred in their city around the same time.

In closing arguments, prosecutors highlighted the similarities across the Delaware crimes, including a man matching Gibson’s description wearing gloves and using a revolver. A key piece of evidence linking Gibson to the cell phone store murder is a blue bike found near the crime scene, connected to him through a serial number and a key found on his person at his arrest.

The prosecution’s case also includes eyewitness testimony and video evidence. Gibson’s former associate identified him from videos of the crimes, claiming he confessed to losing the bike during a robbery. However, Gibson’s defense attorney, Megan Davies, questioned the credibility of the witness and the lack of direct evidence, such as a missing text message allegedly from Gibson.

Additional evidence presented by the prosecution includes a black sling bag found on Gibson at his arrest, identified as belonging to Wright, and similarities in the ammunition used in the crimes. However, the defense pointed out gaps in the evidence, including the absence of DNA linking Gibson to the crimes and missing items from the Rite Aid robbery.

The prosecution urged the jury to consider the overall pattern of evidence, while the defense emphasized the unanswered questions and missing evidence, arguing that they amount to reasonable doubt.

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