Defendant Pleads Guilty in Planned Parenthood Firebombing and Power Grid Plot

In a significant development, Tibet Ergul, the final defendant tied to the firebombing of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Costa Mesa, has pleaded guilty to federal charges. Ergul, along with his co-defendants Xavier Batten and Chance Brannon, was arrested in connection with the 2022 attack on the clinic. The guilty plea encompasses Ergul’s involvement in the clinic firebombing as well as a plot to damage Orange County’s power grid.

According to the plea agreement, on the morning of March 13, 2022, Ergul and Brannon, disguised in dark clothing, hoods, masks, and gloves, ignited a Molotov cocktail and hurled it at the entrance of the reproductive health services facility. The motive behind the attack was to make a statement against abortion, intimidate patients and staff, and discourage others from seeking or providing abortions.

As per the agreement, Ergul and Brannon had also planned to target another Planned Parenthood clinic following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. However, they abandoned the plan upon noticing law enforcement near their intended target. Subsequently, Ergul conspired with Brannon and others to damage a Southern California Edison electrical substation using firearms or another Molotov cocktail.

In March 2023, Ergul messaged an associate about a specific substation in the city of Orange, sharing aerial photos and suggesting a potential attack at 3 a.m. He even wrote a letter to Brannon expressing his desire to engage in violent acts, including murdering journalists and politicians during chaotic events.

Additionally, Ergul and Brannon researched ways to attack the parking lot or electrical room of Dodger Stadium during an LGBTQ pride celebration, including the use of a remote-detonated device. The arrest of the two individuals occurred just two days before the scheduled “Pride Night” at the stadium.

The firebombing incident forced the targeted clinic to temporarily close, resulting in the rescheduling of approximately 30 appointments. The guilty pleas of all three defendants shed light on their intentions to disrupt reproductive health services and cause harm to critical infrastructure.

As Ergul’s trial was scheduled for March, his guilty plea marks a significant development in the case. The convictions of all three defendants highlight the severity of their actions and the potential consequences they faced for their crimes.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. 1. Focus on peaceful activism: It is important to remember that violence is never the answer. Instead of resorting to extreme measures, consider engaging in peaceful activism to raise awareness about the issues you care about. This can include organizing peaceful protests, signing petitions, or volunteering for organizations that support your cause.

    2. Educate yourself and others: Take the time to thoroughly research the topic you are passionate about. By becoming well-informed, you can effectively communicate your viewpoints to others and engage in meaningful

  2. It is disheartening to hear about incidents like the firebombing of a Planned Parenthood clinic. To address such issues, it is crucial to focus on education and awareness. By promoting comprehensive sex education and reproductive health services, we can help reduce the stigma surrounding these topics and prevent such acts of violence.

    Additionally, fostering open and respectful dialogue between different perspectives can play a vital role in finding common ground and addressing concerns. Encouraging individuals to engage in peaceful protests, advocacy, and lobbying for their

  3. Did you know that according to the National Abortion Federation, there have been over 300 incidents of violence or threats against abortion providers in the United States since 1977? This highlights the ongoing issue of violence and harassment faced by clinics like Planned Parenthood.

  4. As someone who has always been passionate about women’s reproductive rights, the news of the firebombing of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Costa Mesa deeply saddened and angered me. It reminded me of an incident that happened in my own community a few years ago.

    I live in a small town where access to reproductive healthcare is limited. The nearest Planned Parenthood clinic is over an hour away, making it difficult for many women to receive the care they need. Despite the challenges, the clinic has been a lifeline

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