Decades-Old Murder Mystery Solved: Suspect Identified in Newport Man’s Cold Case Killing

Investigators have finally identified a suspect in a cold case murder that had remained unsolved for over three decades. The Bristol County District Attorney’s Office announced that they have determined the identity of the killer responsible for the 1991 murder of 20-year-old Brent Davis in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

The tragic incident occurred on October 25, 1991, during a drug-related dispute at a housing complex. Witnesses at the scene provided crucial information, describing the assailant as a man known as “Bobby.” With their assistance, police were able to create a composite sketch of the suspect. However, despite their efforts, the investigation eventually went cold, leaving Davis’ family without answers for years.

But hope was reignited when the cold case unit at the DA’s office decided to reopen the investigation in 2020. After meticulously reviewing reports from 1991 and tracking down witnesses, they made a startling discovery. It was revealed that “Bobby” was merely an alias, and the true identity of the suspect was Claudio Jorge.

Investigators managed to locate a close relative of Jorge, who had previously resided in New Bedford. Through their inquiries, they learned that Jorge was originally from the Dominican Republic and had fled to New York following Davis’ murder. His criminal record in New York, dating back to 1983, included drug and weapons offenses. Eventually, Jorge was deported to the Dominican Republic.

Tragically, the pursuit of justice was cut short as it was discovered that Jorge had met his own demise during a robbery in the Dominican Republic in 2006. With the suspect deceased, there will be no opportunity for prosecution in this case.

Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn III expressed his gratitude to Trooper Kate Sullivan for her unwavering dedication to the investigation, which finally brought closure to Davis’ grieving family after all these years. This case serves as a testament to the relentless pursuit of justice by the DA’s office, demonstrating their commitment to solving cold case homicides.

While the truth behind Brent Davis’ murder has finally been unveiled, the scars left by this tragic event will forever remain. The identification of Claudio Jorge as the perpetrator brings a sense of closure to the case, but it also raises questions about the motive and circumstances surrounding the drug-related dispute that led to Davis’ untimely demise.

As the community reflects on this decades-old murder mystery, it serves as a reminder that justice may be delayed, but it will never be forgotten. The memory of Brent Davis lives on, and his family can finally find solace in knowing that his killer has been identified, even if the opportunity for legal consequences has been lost to time.


Author: CrimeDoor

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