Daycare Teachers Attacked in Front of Students in Washington D.C.

Yesterday afternoon in Washington D.C., daycare teachers were attacked by a 38-year-old man in front of their students. The incident, captured on a doorbell camera, occurred while the teachers were walking with a group of 20 to 30 infants and toddlers. According to a police report, the man approached them and asked for money. When the teachers asked him to leave them alone, he refused and became aggressive.

The man proceeded to punch one of the teachers several times in the head and then did the same to the other teacher. The attack took place in full view of the children. Additionally, the attacker exposed himself and committed a lewd act in front of the students.

The safety of children is of utmost importance, making this incident extremely troubling. Ray Cortopassi, along with the police, arrested the man who is now facing multiple charges. The investigation is ongoing.


Author: CrimeDoor

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