Day of the Dead Marked by Deadly Shootings in Mexico

Day of the Dead Marked by Deadly Shootings in Mexico

Two men were fatally shot at a Naucalpan cemetery on Thursday, with a third individual wounded amidst Mexico’s Day of the Dead festivities, according to prosecutors. The tradition, observed from November 1-2, involves families visiting graves to honor deceased relatives, but this year’s observance was tragically exploited by attackers.

The shooting took place in a Mexico City suburb, though authorities have not released the victims’ identities or a motive. Local reports suggest the deceased were a businessman involved in car bullet-proofing and his bodyguard.

Separately, in the northern state of Sonora, near the Arizona border, police were ambushed while traveling. The assailants abandoned weapons, a vehicle, and blood traces before escaping to nearby mountains. Following this incident, Santa Ana’s mayor suspended local Day of the Dead activities and evacuated a school.

Violence prompted other regional cancellations, including in Benjamin Hill, where a parade and altar-decorating event were called off, and school transportation services were discontinued.

These incidents underscore rising tensions and have led to the unprecedented cancellation of cultural celebrations in several towns.

Chris Morris
Author: Chris Morris

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