Daughter Sentenced to Ten Years in Prison for Fatal Stabbing of Mother in Rahway Home

A city woman, Malika Jones, has been sentenced to ten years in state prison for the brutal stabbing of her mother, Inell Jones, in their Rahway home. The incident, which occurred on February 16, 2020, left the community in disbelief and mourning.

After a three-week trial, a Union County jury deliberated for a day and a half before reaching a verdict. Jones, who was 22 years old at the time of the incident, was found guilty in November and sentenced on Friday, January 26. She will have to serve 8.5 years of her sentence before becoming eligible for parole.

First responders were called to the scene on East Albert Street, where they tragically declared Inell Jones, 58, dead. Prosecutors revealed that Malika Jones waited for 20 minutes before contacting the police following the stabbing, adding to the gravity of the situation.

Union County Prosecutor Daniel expressed his hope that the sentencing would bring some relief to those mourning the loss of Inell Jones. However, attorneys for Malika Jones maintain that she acted in self-defense during a heated argument that escalated beyond control.

Attorney Raymond Hamlin, representing Malika Jones, stated that despite the jury’s decision, his client continues to assert her innocence and plans to appeal the verdict. Hamlin argued that the altercation began when Inell Jones attacked her daughter with a knife during a discussion about Malika’s situation in Manhattan. According to the defense, Malika sustained a cut on her wrist while trying to defend herself, inadvertently causing the fatal injury to her mother.

The case has garnered significant attention, with donors contributing a total of $31,071 to Malika Jones’ legal defense, surpassing the initial goal of $30,000. The community’s support highlights the complexity and public interest surrounding the case.

While this tragic event has left a void that cannot be filled, the sentencing of Malika Jones brings some closure to the grieving community. As the legal process continues, the appeal will undoubtedly shed further light on the circumstances surrounding this heartbreaking incident.


Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. While it is undoubtedly tragic that a mother lost her life in such a violent manner, it is important to consider the circumstances that may have led to this unfortunate event. Instead of immediately condemning Malika Jones, we should take a step back and examine the potential underlying factors that contributed to her actions.

    One possible perspective is that Malika Jones may have been a victim of long-term abuse or trauma, which could have significantly impacted her mental state and decision-making abilities. It is crucial to investigate whether she had

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