Dashcam Video Shows Zach Bryan’s Verbal Confrontation with Police During Arrest

Dashcam footage has been released showing country singer Zach Bryan engaging in a verbal confrontation with police during his arrest in Oklahoma City. The incident occurred on Thursday when Bryan pulled up next to his security guard’s white SUV, which had been stopped for speeding. Upon exiting his truck, Bryan was instructed to return inside or face arrest. Ignoring the warning, Bryan challenged the officer and was subsequently handcuffed and placed in the front seat of the police cruiser.

During the arrest, Bryan expressed his frustration with law enforcement, stating, “F***ing cops are out of hand, truly.” However, the police report obtained by TMZ slightly differs, quoting Bryan as saying, “These f***ing cops are out of control.” Bryan also claimed to have connections with numerous officers in Oklahoma and even invited some to a recent show. He criticized the officers, describing them as “a bunch of middle-aged white guys going around and arresting people.”

In the video, Bryan can be seen conversing with his father, requesting him to pick up his dog, which was also in the truck. Bryan admitted to having empty beer cans in the vehicle but later clarified to the officers that he only drinks and listens to music in his driveway due to the truck’s sound system. The officers confirmed that alcohol was not a factor in the arrest, rendering the empty cans irrelevant.

Eventually, Bryan was driven to jail, where he appeared more calm.

Author: CrimeDoor

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