Dark Secrets Unveiled: The Troubled Past of the UNLV Shooter

The disturbing past of Anthony Polito, the man responsible for the deadly shooting at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), has come to light. Polito, a former associate professor at East Carolina University (ECU), had resigned from his position after being accused of making a sexual comment about a student’s appearance. This incident, coupled with his subsequent erratic behavior, paints a chilling picture of a troubled individual.

Kristin Marshburn, now 28, bravely came forward to recount her encounter with Polito during her junior year at ECU. Sitting in the front row of his business course, she was taken aback when Polito made a brazen remark about her low-cut shirt. He insinuated that if she continued to dress provocatively, she would receive a guaranteed A for the semester. Marshburn immediately reported the incident to the business school’s dean, but it remains unclear whether Polito’s resignation was directly linked to this incident.

Polito’s online ramblings, discovered on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, shed light on his growing resentment towards ECU’s administration. Blaming them for the downfall of his career and tarnished reputation, he also mentioned a student who allegedly played a role in justifying the actions taken against him. These disturbing posts hint at a deep-seated anger and a desire for revenge.

The investigation into the UNLV shooting revealed that Polito had compiled a “target list” containing names of faculty members from both UNLV and ECU. However, none of the victims in the shooting were on this list, leaving authorities puzzled about the motive behind the attack. Polito had applied for teaching positions within the Nevada higher education system but was repeatedly denied. Financial struggles were evident, as an eviction notice was found posted on his apartment door.

Former students described Polito as eccentric but popular, with a penchant for dominating classroom discussions with tales of his frequent trips to Las Vegas. He exuded an air of superiority, referring to himself as “Dr. 160IQ” and boasting about his membership in Mensa, the high-IQ society. However, his need for validation and intellectual superiority seemed to border on obsession, leading some to believe that his unstable behavior could escalate rapidly.

Marshburn’s account is not the only one that sheds light on Polito’s inappropriate conduct. Another woman, who chose to remain anonymous, revealed that Polito pursued her relentlessly during her senior year, bombarding her with emails, texts, and gifts. Feeling preyed upon, she eventually cut off contact with him when he invited her to Las Vegas, realizing that he had misunderstood their relationship.

As the investigation continues, it is crucial to recognize the bravery of those who have come forward to share their experiences. Marshburn hopes that her story will encourage other women to speak out against those in positions of power who mistreat them. The revelations surrounding Polito’s troubled past serve as a stark reminder that inappropriate behavior should never be tolerated, especially within educational institutions.


Author: CrimeDoor

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