Daring Vancouver, Washington Fire Truck Heist Ends in Mysterious Stranger Sleeping on Couch

A daring fire truck heist unfolded in the heart of Vancouver, Washington. The city was left in a state of disbelief as a 33-year-old man, identified as Alex Joseph Doupe, allegedly stole the Vancouver Fire Squad 1 Dodge truck right from under the noses of paramedics. The incident occurred late Monday night as emergency responders were attending to a medical call on West Mill Plain Boulevard and Kauffman Avenue.

The theft triggered a massive search operation, with Vancouver police and Clark County sheriff’s deputies combing the area for any sign of the stolen fire truck. Their efforts were soon rewarded when Washington State Patrol officers spotted the truck on a freeway camera, crossing into Oregon just five minutes after it was stolen. The chase had taken an unexpected turn, leaving authorities puzzled about the thief’s intentions.

The stolen fire truck was eventually discovered abandoned in Albany, Oregon, on Columbus Street, near the intersection of Old Highway 34. Linn County Sheriff Michelle Duncan confirmed the find, but the mystery deepened when a resident from the Albany area reported an unknown individual sleeping on their couch a few hours later.

Deputies swiftly responded to the call and were astounded to find Doupe, the alleged fire truck thief, comfortably snoozing on the couch. When confronted, Doupe admitted to the audacious act of stealing the fire truck and taking it for a joyride into Oregon. The motive behind his actions remains unclear, leaving investigators puzzled.

Remarkably, the stolen fire truck appeared to be in pristine condition, with no visible damage or missing equipment. The Linn County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the truck would be towed to an evidence lot in Albany until Vancouver firefighters could retrieve it.

Alex Joseph Doupe, a 34-year-old resident of Vancouver, now faces a slew of charges, including unlawful use of a vehicle, interfering with a firefighter, first-degree criminal trespass, and the additional warrant from Washington County for criminal trespass, harassment, and disorderly conduct.

As the investigation unfolds, the residents of Vancouver are left to wonder about the motives behind this brazen fire truck heist. Was it a misguided adventure or a calculated act of defiance? Only time will reveal the truth behind this bizarre incident that has left the community in shock.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. 1. Stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity: In light of this fire truck heist, it is crucial to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity you witness. If you notice any unusual behavior around emergency vehicles or see someone tampering with them, immediately notify the authorities.

    2. Secure emergency vehicles with additional measures: Fire trucks and other emergency vehicles should be secured with additional measures to prevent theft. Installing GPS tracking devices, immobilizers, and alarm systems can deter potential thieves and help in recovering stolen

  2. Wow, what an exciting and unexpected story! I can’t believe there was a fire truck heist in Vancouver, Washington. This is definitely something that needs more attention. I would be more than happy to share this post on my social media accounts to help spread the word and promote it. Let’s make sure everyone knows about this daring incident!

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