Daring Russian Man’s Covert Flight from Copenhagen to LA: A High-Flying Mystery Unravels!

Daring Russian Man’s Covert Flight from Copenhagen to LA: A High-Flying Mystery Unravels!

Sergey Vladimirovich Ochigava, a man with alleged Russian connections, astoundingly managed to board a Scandinavian Airlines flight from Copenhagen to Los Angeles without a passport or ticket. Ochigava’s presence only came to light after the plane landed in Los Angeles, where he was subsequently detained.

During the over 12-hour journey on Flight 931, Ochigava reportedly engaged with passengers, changed seats frequently, requested double meals, and even attempted to partake in a crew member’s chocolate. Despite these interactions, his lack of a boarding pass went unnoticed.

Upon his arrival in LA, authorities quickly realized that Ochigava was not on the passenger list and lacked a passport, leading to his arrest. He was found in possession of Russian and Israeli IDs and is believed to have been born in 1977.

The FBI’s investigation led to Ochigava pleading not guilty to federal charges regarding unauthorized aircraft boarding. Aviation experts, like Mark Gerchick, former chief counsel of the FAA, and Barry Schiff, an aviation consultant, are baffled by Ochigava’s audacity and his knowledge of airline operations.

Thom Mrozek, a spokesperson for the U.S. attorney in Los Angeles, and FBI agent Caroline A. Walling have been closely involved in the ongoing investigation. Walling’s affidavit details Ochigava’s peculiar behavior during the flight, like his constant seat changing and unusual requests.

Scandinavian Airlines is aware of the U.S. and Danish investigations but has offered limited comments. During his custody, Ochigava claimed memory loss regarding his boarding in Copenhagen and his activities there. He has a doctorate in economics and marketing and previously worked in Russia. His phone contained photos of global flight information and maps, adding layers to this mystery.

When confronted by Customs and Border Protection, Ochigava could not produce any travel documents and claimed to have left a U.S. passport on the plane, a claim quickly disproven. His belongings included Russian and Israeli identification, but U.S. officials assert he is not Israeli.

Danish airport officials have cooperated with the investigation, emphasizing their commitment to heightened security measures. Ochigava remains in U.S. federal custody, with a court appearance scheduled for December 26, potentially leading to a trial.

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