Cult Takes Over Abandoned School in Canadian Town, Sending Death Threats to Local Officials

Cult Takes Over Abandoned School in Canadian Town, Sending Death Threats to Local Officials

Tensions are escalating in the small town of Richmound, Saskatchewan, as a cult has taken over an abandoned school and followers of the self-proclaimed “QAnon Queen,” Romana Didulo, have sent death threats to local officials. On September 13, Didulo and her group arrived in Richmound and occupied the abandoned school, leading to an uneasy relationship with the townspeople. The cult has been engaging in suspicious activities, such as taking pictures of locals and setting up guards and wire around the school’s perimeter. Concerned parents have even taped off a nearby playground due to safety fears.

The death threats against multiple town officials came in the form of a cease and desist letter, which contained a mix of conspiratorial ramblings and sovereign citizen ideology. The letter warned of public executions and devastation upon the recipients’ families if they did not cease their alleged “communistic, unfair, demoralizing, and immoral activities.” Richmound Mayor Brad Miller, one of the targets, has expressed serious concern and is seeking assistance in removing the cult from the town.

Local officials, including Mayor Miller, are scheduled to meet with Saskatchewan’s justice minister to discuss the situation. However, it remains uncertain how helpful the minister will be in resolving the issue. Premier Scott Moe, when asked about the cult, urged for understanding but acknowledged the unfortunate incident.

Romana Didulo has gained a following by claiming to be the true Queen of Canada. Unlike other conspiracy leaders, she has successfully transitioned her online following into offline activities, traveling across Canada to meet her followers. Former members of the cult have alleged abuse by Didulo. The death sentences issued by the group against their enemies have been a rallying point for years.

The cult’s presence has disrupted the community, causing fear and paranoia among the townspeople. Although the group has not broken any laws, their actions have significantly impacted the daily lives of residents. The owner of the abandoned school, who is a believer in Didulo, has allowed the group to stay there. Confusion arose when Didulo requested donations to help pay back taxes, contradicting her previous decree that taxes were not required under her rule.

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