Cuban Authorities Uncover Human Trafficking Ring Recruiting Cubans for Military Operations in Ukraine

Cuban Authorities Uncover Human Trafficking Ring Recruiting Cubans for Military Operations in Ukraine

Cuban authorities have announced the discovery of a human trafficking ring operating from Russia, which recruits Cuban citizens to fight alongside Russian military forces in Ukraine. The revelation follows recent reports by Miami media outlets, including the Miami affiliate of Telemundo, where two 19-year-old Cubans claimed they were deceived into traveling to Russia. According to the interviewees, a recruiter promised them construction jobs, a Russian passport, $2,200, and the possibility of bringing their families to Russia in the future. They were instructed to be ready for transportation to Ukraine at 3:30 a.m.

In response to these allegations, Cuba’s foreign ministry issued a press release stating that it has detected and is actively working to neutralize and dismantle the human trafficking network. The ministry also emphasized that attempts of this nature have been thwarted, and legal proceedings have been initiated against those involved. The Kremlin has not yet commented on Cuba’s announcement.

Russia had previously announced plans to increase its armed forces by over 30% to 1.5 million combat personnel. Cuba’s foreign ministry press release also addressed claims made in Miami media, suggesting that the two countries had entered into an agreement to hire Cuban mercenaries in exchange for support received by the communist government from Russia. Cuba and Russia have maintained a strong relationship since the Cold War era.

Cuba’s foreign ministry further stated that the country is not involved in the conflict in Ukraine. While the Cuban government has previously defended Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it has attributed the ongoing conflict to the United States and NATO. Cuba has been facing an economic crisis for the past three years, and Russia has been providing food and oil supplies to the island. Russia does not require visas for Cuban citizens, making it a popular destination for Cubans who travel there to purchase merchandise for resale in Cuba.


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