Crypto Influencer Ben Armstrong Arrested Following YouTube Livestream

Crypto Influencer Ben Armstrong Arrested Following YouTube Livestream

Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, also known as BitBoy Crypto, was arrested on Monday evening following a live broadcast on YouTube. Armstrong had planned to confront an individual named Carlos Diaz in an attempt to retrieve his Lamborghini. However, the situation quickly escalated into a series of conspiracy theories before the police intervened.

During a now-deleted livestream, Armstrong made an alarming declaration, stating, “If Carlos Diaz comes out of his house and tries to kill me live on YouTube, then it’s just gonna have to be what it’s gonna be, Carlos.” This statement was made just hours after Armstrong had tweeted about going live from a “very special location” on YouTube.

It is worth noting that in August, the BitBoy Crypto platform distanced itself from its founder, Armstrong. Armstrong had appealed to his followers for assistance in funding his legal campaign to regain control of BitBoy Crypto. Donations totaling over $54,000 have been contributed to his Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Cardano addresses.

During the livestream, Armstrong expressed that he had been in fear for his life for too long and stated, “I will really enjoy the cops coming here.” When questioned by the police, Armstrong reluctantly admitted that his alleged mistress and BitBoy Crypto co-founder, Cassie Wolfe, was present. However, he clarified that his wife was aware of his whereabouts and activities.


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