Cross-State Search Intensifies for Missing Woman Amanda Nenigar

Cross-State Search Intensifies for Missing Woman Amanda Nenigar

Authorities in Arizona and California are ramping up efforts to locate 27-year-old Amanda Nenigar, who went missing at the end of February. Nenigar was last seen in Blythe, California, and her abandoned car was discovered in the rural Arizona desert a week later. La Paz County Sheriff William Ponce has shared the perplexing details surrounding the discovery of the vehicle and the current status of the investigation.

Sheriff Ponce expressed concerns that the search may turn into a recovery operation rather than a rescue mission, indicating the possibility that Nenigar may no longer be alive. La Paz County Sheriff’s Office joined the investigation in early March, one week after Nenigar’s disappearance. While she resides in the Blythe area, she frequently travels to La Paz County to visit family members.

Nenigar’s family reported her missing, and a week later, her Toyota Camry was found by loved ones in the remote desert south of Cibola, approximately 45 minutes away from Blythe. The manner in which the car was discovered has raised suspicions. Sheriff Ponce stated, “The rear end of the vehicle was on a large boulder. When you have a vehicle that’s abandoned and you don’t have any inkling where the person has gone or anything, it all seems very odd to us and it’s very concerning.”

Authorities have been working in collaboration with the Blythe Police to establish a timeline. On February 27, the day before her disappearance, Nenigar made a 911 call after getting stuck in a ditch. However, the ditch was nowhere near the location where her car was eventually found. Sheriff Ponce revealed that a 911 call was made to the El Centro, California highway patrol station around the same time, indicating Nenigar’s intention to travel from Anza to the Palm Springs area. However, she never arrived at her destination.

Sheriff Ponce personally participated in ground searches alongside multiple agencies, utilizing both ground and aerial efforts. Despite the deployment of cadaver dogs over the weekend, no scent was detected. The sheriff expressed concerns about the possibility of Nenigar falling victim to human trafficking, given the region’s proximity to the US-Mexico border and its rural nature.

Nenigar’s family released a statement urging her to come home if she hears their plea, as they fear she may still be lost. Authorities described Nenigar as last seen wearing a pink hooded sweatshirt, black leggings, and black and white tennis shoes. She has a scar on her cheek and a rose tattoo on her right hand. It is believed she may be carrying a thin bracelet and a pink purse.

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