Criminals Rake in $236 Billion Annually from Forced Labour, with Sexual Exploitation Accounting for Majority of Profits, Reveals UN Agency

Criminals Rake in 6 Billion Annually from Forced Labour, with Sexual Exploitation Accounting for Majority of Profits, Reveals UN Agency

A new report published by the International Labour Organization (ILO), titled “Profits and Poverty: The economics of forced labour,” has shed light on the alarming scale of illegal profits generated from forced labour. According to the report, criminals are reaping “obscene” profits of nearly $236 billion per year, marking a 37 percent increase over the past decade.

The rise in ill-gotten gains can be attributed to both the growing number of individuals forced into labour and an increase in the profit extracted from each victim. Shockingly, sexual exploitation accounts for nearly three-quarters of the total illegal profits, highlighting the pervasive nature of this heinous crime.

The report reveals that traffickers and criminals are now making close to $10,000 per victim, a significant increase from $8,269 a decade ago. Europe and Central Asia reported the highest profit per victim, followed by the Arab States, the Americas, Africa, and Asia and the Pacific.

ILO Director-General Gilbert F Houngbo expressed deep concern over the worsening situation, emphasizing that forced labour perpetuates cycles of poverty and exploitation, eroding human dignity. He called upon the international community to take immediate action to address this pressing issue.

The report also highlights the sectors with the highest illegal profits from forced labour. After sexual exploitation, the industry sector tops the list with $35 billion, followed by services ($20.8 billion), agriculture ($5 billion), and domestic work ($2.6 billion).

Enforcement measures and investment in combating forced labour are urgently needed to disrupt the flow of illegal profits and hold perpetrators accountable. The report emphasizes the importance of addressing this issue to break the vicious cycle of exploitation and poverty.

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  1. This report highlights a significant problem that needs urgent attention. To address the issue of forced labor and the illegal profits it generates, it is crucial to focus on both the supply and demand sides of the equation.

    On the supply side, governments and organizations should prioritize efforts to eradicate poverty and provide better economic opportunities for vulnerable populations. By addressing the root causes that drive individuals into forced labor, such as lack of education, unemployment, and poverty, we can reduce the supply of people being forced into exploitative work

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