Criminals in Queens Selling Fake Green Cards and Social Security Cards to Migrants

Criminals in Queens Selling Fake Green Cards and Social Security Cards to Migrants

Criminals affiliated with notorious gangs such as MS-13 and the 18th Street gang have been spotted selling counterfeit green cards and social security cards to migrants on the streets of Queens, New York. This alarming security threat comes as an influx of newcomers enters the city, seeking opportunities and a better life. The availability of these forged documents poses risks not only to national security but also to innocent individuals who may fall victim to identity theft.

The Post recently observed at least 10 men openly selling fake IDs at various corners along Roosevelt Avenue in Queens. These documents, priced between $80 and $250, include forged social security numbers that can be used to open bank accounts and potentially obtain legitimate driver’s licenses. While some migrants purchase these fake IDs to secure employment where documentation is not thoroughly scrutinized, others may have more sinister intentions.

Former Homeland Security special agent Bruce Foucart warns that individuals armed with such fraudulent identification could exploit the system to carry out acts of terrorism or pose a national security threat. The ease with which a second life can be established within the United States using these fake documents is a cause for concern. Foucart emphasizes the urgent need to address this issue, stating that another major disaster akin to 9/11 may be imminent.

The sellers operating along Roosevelt Avenue are reportedly associated with the 18th Street gang and MS-13, both notorious for their involvement in violence, drug trafficking, and the sale of counterfeit IDs. These transnational criminal organizations may also be facilitating the smuggling of migrants, creating a convenient one-stop shop for undocumented newcomers.

Residents and workers in the area are outraged by the presence of these fake ID mills. Concerns are raised that if the sale of social security numbers goes unchallenged, it may pave the way for the illicit trade of weapons and passports. The demand for these forged documents has surged due to the recent influx of approximately 180,000 migrants to the city. This has led to an increasing number of individuals from other boroughs specifically traveling to Queens to obtain these IDs.

Roy Fenoff, an associate professor at the Department of Criminal Justice at the Citadel, highlights the wide range of services migrants can access with these fake cards, services that would otherwise be impossible without government identification. However, he also warns that individuals with ulterior motives can exploit these documents to carry out criminal activities.

The use of fake social security cards with real numbers poses a risk to innocent U.S. citizens, as their identities can be compromised. Innocent individuals may find themselves with arrest warrants due to the criminal activities committed under their stolen identities. Additionally, migrants using these fake IDs can avoid developing a criminal record under their real names, further emboldening them to break the law.

Diego Ibarra, an illegal immigrant linked to a brutal Venezuelan gang, was recently taken into federal custody for possessing a fake green card, which he used to secure employment at a university. The NYPD is actively investigating all potential lawbreaking activities along Roosevelt Avenue.

While it is challenging to determine the exact number of fake cards in circulation or their black market value, law enforcement experts estimate that tens of thousands of counterfeit green cards and social security cards are currently being used in New York City. The production and sale of these forged documents have increased in response to the growing demand created by the surge in migrants.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. Did you know that according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, there were over 1.2 million cases of identity theft related to employment in 2019? This highlights the alarming extent to which criminals exploit vulnerable individuals by selling counterfeit documents like green cards and social security cards. It’s crucial that authorities take strong measures to combat these illegal activities and protect innocent migrants from falling victim to such scams.

  2. This is a shocking revelation! It’s important to spread awareness about such criminal activities. I would be more than happy to share this post on my social media accounts to help promote it and reach a wider audience. Let’s work together to expose these illegal activities and protect vulnerable migrants.

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