Crime Rates in Atlanta’s Midtown Improvement District Reach Lowest Levels in Over a Decade

Crime Rates in Atlanta’s Midtown Improvement District Reach Lowest Levels in Over a Decade

The Midtown Improvement District, managed by Midtown Alliance in Atlanta, is witnessing a significant reduction in crime, providing reassurance to residents, workers, and visitors in the area. Midtown Alliance has reported a 17% decrease in property crime in the first ten months of this year compared to the same period last year. Additionally, violent crimes in the district have reached their lowest levels in 15 years.

Midtown Blue, a public safety program funded by commercial property owners in the district, collaborates closely with the Atlanta Police, MARTA, and other community partners to enhance safety. The program’s officers work alongside these agencies with the primary goal of making the district safer for everyone.

One of their recent focuses has been on preventing property crimes, particularly auto theft. Marcus Neville, Director of Public Safety & Operations for Midtown Alliance, highlighted the installation of more than a dozen license plate readers as a significant factor in this success. These readers have effectively aided in identifying stolen vehicles, allowing the Atlanta Police Department to respond promptly.

Midtown Alliance has also been attentive to the needs of the community and commercial property owners, implementing measures such as improved lighting and additional security personnel in parking decks and other areas. These efforts have contributed to enhancing the overall safety in the district.

Neville emphasized the importance of a comprehensive approach, combining patrolling, visibility in crime-prone areas, and other deterrents as key to their success in reducing crime rates.

The Midtown Improvement District, covering approximately one square mile, is frequented by about 160,000 people daily, including residents, workers, and visitors.

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