Crash Involving Durham Police Vehicles Ends Pursuit of Car Thieves in Pickering, Ontario Neighborhood

A crash involving Durham police vehicles occurred in a residential neighborhood in Pickering early this morning, marking the end of a pursuit of car thieves in the area. The incident took place at Sultana Square near Whites Road and Shephard. The street has since been reopened, but the scene was chaotic for much of the day. The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) has invoked its mandate, and the police have not provided details on how the collision involving two cruisers occurred. Two officers were injured on duty.

The collision left the quiet residential street covered in glass and debris, with three vehicles badly damaged, including two Durham Regional police cruisers. The crash happened shortly after 4:00 am, accompanied by a loud boom sound and a car horn. Police cruisers entered the street from various directions.

Residents of Pickering Sultana Square were awakened at 4:10 am by the sounds of the collisions and police sirens. Witnesses reported hearing police yelling and a lot of shouting. The police instructed residents to sit still or keep still.

According to the police, the officers were responding to a call about a vehicle theft in progress. They alleged that a stolen car with two suspects inside was waiting on the roadway while a third man attempted to steal another vehicle. As soon as the police arrived at the scene, the driver of the suspect vehicle fled on foot, entered the driver’s seat of the stolen car, and attempted to flee the residential area. Unfortunately, the driver was involved in a collision immediately.

The driver allegedly abandoned the car and fled through residents’ backyards before being apprehended. Both the 21-year-old and 27-year-old occupants of the suspect vehicle sustained serious but non-life-threatening injuries and were transported to the hospital for treatment.

Two officers were also taken to the hospital with minor injuries but have since been released. Two of the suspects will face charges of theft over $5,000, while the driver will face an additional charge of flight from police.

The incident is considered a bit odd and uncomfortable for the residents of Sultana Square, as such events are not common in the area.


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