Court Orders Convicted Killer Alex Murdaugh’s Assets to be Distributed to Victims of Boat Crash

In a court order issued on Monday, it was determined that nearly half of convicted killer Alex Murdaugh’s remaining assets will be allocated to the victims of a deadly 2019 boat crash involving his son. The ruling, made by court-appointed special referee Walt Tollinson, states that the family of Mallory Beach, who tragically lost her life in the accident, will receive a 29% share of the assets. An additional 16% will be distributed among the survivors of the crash, including Morgan Doughty, Paul Murdaugh’s then-girlfriend.

The total value of the assets, which were obtained through the sale of Murdaugh’s land, farm equipment, and liquidation of his 401(k), amounted to just under $1.8 million. A portion of this sum will also be paid to Tollinson for his services. Murdaugh, who was convicted of the shooting deaths of his wife, Maggie, and son, Paul, in June 2021, was recently denied a new trial.

The legal proceedings surrounding the boat crash began when the Beach family filed a lawsuit in March 2019, seeking accountability from Paul Murdaugh and other members of the Murdaugh family. This lawsuit ultimately led to the exposure of Alex Murdaugh’s long-standing corporate fraud. During his trial, prosecutors suggested that the unraveling of Murdaugh’s once-charmed life, including allegations of theft and drug use, may have driven him to commit the murders.

In November 2021, a court order froze Alex Murdaugh’s finances after the Beach family’s attorney argued that he could no longer be trusted with his money. Tollinson’s decision revealed that the second-largest share of the assets, 24%, will go to Arthur Badger, one of the clients from whom Murdaugh stole. Murdaugh’s former law firm will receive 14% to compensate for damages incurred as a result of repaying former clients whose money Murdaugh had taken. Some of the firm’s share will also be distributed to other financial victims. Johnny Parkey, the law firm’s new eponym, will receive a 15% cut, claiming that Murdaugh owed him $477,000.

The claims against Murdaugh’s assets exceed $100 million. In his final order, Tollinson acknowledged the immense harm caused by Murdaugh and expressed his awareness of the limited funds available for distribution. The Beach family’s attorney, Mark Tinsley, welcomed the court’s decision, stating that it brings them one step closer to severing ties with Alex Murdaugh. Tinsley also expressed disappointment that not all of Murdaugh’s stolen money has been recovered and repaid to those he harmed.

Alex Murdaugh has pleaded guilty to numerous state and federal financial crimes in addition to his murder conviction. He faces a 27-year prison term for these offenses, along with two life sentences for murder and an undetermined federal sentence. Murdaugh is also involved in at least eight lawsuits related to the 2019 boat crash and his financial misdeeds.


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