Court Documents Reveal Disturbing Details in Los Gatos “Party Mom” Case

Court Documents Reveal Disturbing Details in Los Gatos “Party Mom” Case

New court documents in the case of Shannon O’Connor, known as the “Party Mom” of Los Gatos, have revealed disturbing details about her alleged motives and actions. O’Connor, who has pleaded not guilty to 39 charges, including hosting alcohol-fueled sex parties for underage teenagers, is set to face a preliminary hearing on November 6.

According to the court documents, O’Connor’s Google searches were detailed, including entries such as “Good books with young sex,” “hot 16-year-old teenage girls,” and “prettiest 16-year-old girl.” Investigators also found multiple videos downloaded from girls’ social media platforms on O’Connor’s phone, showing young girls dressed in revealing clothing.

Prosecutors allege that O’Connor lured underage girls to her house by hosting parties and facilitated both consensual and nonconsensual sexual encounters between boys and girls. Victims reported that O’Connor watched as they were sexually assaulted. The evidence suggests that these offenses were committed for sexual compulsion and gratification, according to Deputy District Attorney Rebekah Wise.

O’Connor had a pattern of helping minors sneak out of their homes, getting them intoxicated to the point of vomiting, loss of consciousness, and being unable to stand. Some parties took place at her Los Gatos mansion, while others were organized at Airbnb locations in Lake Tahoe and Santa Cruz. O’Connor was selective about the girls allowed to attend, rejecting some based on their appearance or willingness to engage in sexual activity.

The court documents also revealed an incident where a teenager suffered a concussion during a night of drinking with O’Connor. She drove the group to Los Gatos High School, and the teenager fell and was knocked unconscious. O’Connor instructed the victim and another teen to lie to their parents about the incident.

After learning of the police investigation, O’Connor fled to Eagle, Idaho, with her sons. She conducted Google searches related to arrest warrants, statutes of limitations, and laws against providing alcohol to minors. When she was arrested in October 2021, police found O’Connor in her Idaho home with 12 underage teenagers who had spent the night.

The case has had a significant impact on the victims, with one girl stating that O’Connor tore her life apart and caused her to suffer from a damaged reputation. Another victim described O’Connor as a manipulator and narcissist who showed no remorse.

O’Connor’s husband, Robert Amaral, reportedly filed for divorce earlier this year and was unaware of his wife’s activities.

The upcoming preliminary hearing will provide further insight into the case and the evidence against O’Connor.


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