Couple Who Fled to Pakistan After British Girl’s Death Express Willingness to Cooperate

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Image Credit: AFP

The father and stepmother of Sara Sharif, a 10-year-old girl found dead in Woking, southern England, have communicated their intention to cooperate with UK authorities after fleeing to Pakistan. Sara was discovered deceased on August 10, with a post-mortem examination revealing she had sustained “multiple and extensive injuries” over a prolonged time. Urfan Sharif, aged 41, his partner Beinash Batool, 29, and his brother Faisal Malik, 28, reportedly fled to Pakistan before Sara’s body was discovered, sparking an international manhunt.

In a video circulated by her relatives to AFP, Batool voiced fears about potential abuse from Pakistani police, emphasizing their willingness to liaise with UK authorities and defend themselves in court. She stated that the couple is ready to present their case formally.

Meanwhile, the family of the couple in Pakistan has been subjected to harassment by local authorities, as mentioned by Urfan’s father, Muhammad Sharif. Surrey Police has recognized the development as a “significant” step towards potential cooperation.

The police have accentuated that safeguarding the welfare of the five children who were taken to Pakistan a day before the discovery of Sara’s body remains a priority. In their ongoing investigation, Surrey Police are collaborating with British and international partners, including Interpol, to delve deeper into the case.


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