Counselor Testifies in Trial of Michigan School Shooting: Parents Refused to Take Son Home Despite Violent Drawing

In a gripping turn of events during the trial of the Michigan school shooting, counselor Shawn Hopkins took the stand to testify about the crucial meeting he had with Ethan Crumbley’s parents on the morning of the tragic incident. Hopkins revealed that he was “caught off guard” when James and Jennifer Crumbley refused to voluntarily take their son home from Oxford High School, despite being confronted with a violent drawing he had made just hours before the shooting.

Hopkins, who was responsible for counseling 400 students at the school, explained that he didn’t feel there were any immediate discipline issues that day, which is why the school didn’t demand Ethan’s immediate removal. Instead, he offered the Crumbleys a list of mental health providers in the area and urged them to seek help for their son as soon as possible. However, the parents cited work commitments as the reason they couldn’t take Ethan home that day.

The counselor’s testimony shed light on the events leading up to the tragic incident on November 30, 2021. It was revealed that earlier that fall, school staff had expressed concerns about Ethan based on his writings, and a teacher had noticed him looking up bullets on his phone the day before the shooting. On the day of the attack, Ethan drew disturbing images of a gun and a bullet on a math assignment, accompanied by the words, “The thoughts won’t stop. Help me.”

During the meeting with the Crumbleys, Hopkins expressed his concern for Ethan’s well-being and emphasized the need for immediate help. However, he was taken aback by Jennifer Crumbley’s dismissive attitude, as she seemed inconvenienced by the meeting. The counselor admitted to feeling confused and surprised when the parents decided to keep their son in school, despite his recommendation.

The meeting, which lasted only 12 minutes, ended abruptly, with Hopkins handing Ethan a pass to return to class and assuring him that he cared about him. It was during this meeting that the parents failed to disclose that James Crumbley had recently purchased a gun as a gift for Ethan. Additionally, Hopkins was unaware of the messages Ethan had sent to his parents earlier in 2021, describing hallucinations and seeing demons in the house.

The trial also featured a police video showing Jennifer and James Crumbley briefly visiting their son after his arrest. Jennifer repeatedly asked Ethan, “why?” while his father expressed his love for him. The emotional exchange highlighted the devastating impact of the tragedy on the family.

In another development, the operator of an Oxford-area horse stable, Kira Pennock, testified about her relationship with Jennifer Crumbley and a series of messages they exchanged on the day of the shooting and subsequent days before the parents’ capture. The prosecution aimed to demonstrate that the Crumbleys prioritized their horses over their son. Jennifer expressed the need to raise cash quickly and offered to sell a horse named Billy for $5,000, along with additional gear. She also promised to deliver medication for the horse’s foot disorder.

As the trial continues, the testimony of Shawn Hopkins and Kira Pennock has provided further insight into the events leading up to the Michigan school shooting. The prosecution seeks to prove that the Crumbleys were grossly negligent in addressing their son’s mental health and making a gun accessible at home. The outcome of this landmark case will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications for parental responsibility in preventing such tragedies.


Author: CrimeDoor

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