Convicted Kidnapper Charged with Multiple Crimes in Fremont

Convicted Kidnapper Charged with Multiple Crimes in Fremont

Convicted kidnapper Jose Terra, 61, has been charged with multiple crimes in Fremont, according to authorities and court records. Terra is suspected of abducting his estranged relationship partner in August, then subjecting her to a week-long ordeal of stabbing, beating, and threats while holding her hostage. The victim managed to escape when Terra took her on a camping trip, and she was able to contact her children, who then alerted the police.

Terra has been charged with felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, corporal injury to a domestic partner, battery with serious bodily injury, false imprisonment by violence, making criminal threats, and a misdemeanor for disobeying a court order. He is currently held at Santa Rita Jail on $345,000 bail.

The victim had a protective order against Terra due to previous domestic violence cases and threats. The incident began on August 26 when Terra picked her up from her home in Northern California. While still in his truck, Terra became upset and accused her of infidelity, threatening her with a pocketknife and assaulting her. He then took her to his residence in Fremont, where he continued to physically and emotionally abuse her.

During the week-long captivity, Terra prevented the victim from escaping by taking her cell phone and continued to threaten her life. The woman sustained multiple injuries, including fractured ribs, a stab wound to the leg, and head injuries.

Terra has a prior kidnapping conviction in Alameda County from 2014, where he received a seven-year prison term. In that case, he kidnapped his then-girlfriend, assaulted her, and was arrested after she managed to escape from his vehicle.

Terra has pleaded not guilty to the charges and is scheduled for a pretrial hearing on October 25.


Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. The case was dismissed on 11/17/2023. If I personally showed up for this 4rth court date – I would be doing all the prosecutions myself obviously, because nobody from the state did. That’s reverse of what the law states. That the State is responsible for protecting criminals not the victims. They need to adjust the law or just make it common knowledge that everything they say is reversed. They say it’s a sick world today, it’s the leaders and government whom wears the sick crown. As a victim they promised shelter and restitution, empty promises. Left homeless, negative cash flow due to crime( all keys replaced, property, etc) then to have to flee and be on the streets. All those tax dollars and laws for help are complete hogwash! Spoken from the mouth of experience!

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