Convenience Store in Marblehead Burglarized, Lottery Tickets Stolen

Convenience Store in Marblehead Burglarized, Lottery Tickets Stolen

Marblehead Police are currently investigating a burglary that occurred at a convenience store in Marblehead early on Wednesday morning. The incident took place at the Richdale Convenience Store located at 29 Smith St. Police responded to a burglar alarm at approximately 3:49 a.m., discovering a smashed front window that allowed the perpetrator to gain entry into the store. The store was closed at the time of the break-in.

According to Marblehead Police Chief Dennis King, the burglar made off with stolen lottery tickets. Jay Patel, an employee at Richdale Convenience, stated that the stolen scratch tickets had a value ranging from $2 to $30. A search of the surrounding area yielded no suspects, and there is currently no threat to the community, as confirmed by the police.

This incident bears similarities to two recent burglaries at convenience stores in Wakefield and Peabody. In Wakefield, suspects broke into the Salem Variety Store on March 6 and took handfuls of scratch tickets. Shortly after, three masked individuals broke into A-One Market in Peabody and stole stacks of $50 scratch tickets. Authorities in Wakefield and Peabody have not provided any comments regarding these incidents.

Marblehead Police are urging anyone with information about the recent break-in to contact the department or email Sgt. Detective Sean Brady. Chief King declined to comment on any potential connection between this incident and the Wakefield and Peabody burglaries, stating that the investigation is ongoing.

Lottery officials have assured the public that stolen tickets can be flagged, preventing them from being cashed. Mark William Bracken, the executive director of the Massachusetts State Lottery, emphasized their cooperation with law enforcement and store owners to resolve such cases.

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  1. This incident highlights the importance of implementing effective security measures in convenience stores. Installing surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and secure locks can help deter burglars and provide valuable evidence for police investigations. Additionally, training store employees on proper security protocols and ensuring regular inspections of the premises can help prevent such incidents in the future. It is crucial for store owners to prioritize the safety and security of their establishments to protect their assets and provide a safe environment for both employees and customers.

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