Connor Sturgeon’s Journal Reveals Motives for Deadly Bank Shooting in Louisville

A journal left behind by Connor James Sturgeon, the man responsible for a deadly shooting at a bank in Louisville, Kentucky, earlier this year, has revealed his motives for the attack. Sturgeon, who died in a firefight with police, expressed his belief that killing “upper-class white people” would lead to stricter gun control laws. The 64-page report released by the Louisville Metro Police Department includes handwritten entries from Sturgeon’s journal, as well as a selfie showing him making a “Joker face.”

Detective Kevin Carillo, who authored the report, stated that Sturgeon’s journal entries provide insight into his planning and mindset leading up to the shooting. Sturgeon’s motives are believed to be related to political issues, including corruption and the lack of gun control.

On the day of the shooting, Sturgeon opened fire on his co-workers in a conference room at the Old National Bank, resulting in the deaths of five individuals: Thomas Elliott, Joshua Barrick, James Tutt, Juliana Farmer, and Judy “Deana” Eckert. Sturgeon was shot in the head by Officer Cory Galloway, who managed to neutralize the shooter despite being hit in the vest himself. Officer Nickolas Wilt, Galloway’s partner, was also injured and hospitalized in critical condition.

Sturgeon had a history of mental health issues and was undergoing treatment for depression. He had previously sought medical help after a suicide attempt and expressed dissatisfaction with his job at the bank. In his journal, he mentioned feeling a need to make an impact and address issues such as climate disaster, gun access, and the lack of mental health care.

While planning the mass shooting, Sturgeon directed blame towards the National Rifle Association (NRA), criticizing the organization for its perceived disregard for human life. He also left farewell notes to his parents and friends, expressing love and apologizing for his actions.

The release of Sturgeon’s journal provides further insight into the tragic events that unfolded at the bank in Louisville. The investigation into the shooting continues, with authorities examining Sturgeon’s motives and the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Video originally uploaded April 10, 2023.

Author: CrimeDoor

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