Connecticut Man Charged with Attempted Murder After Stabbing, Stopped by Neighbor with Leaf Blower

Kevin Conway, 66

In Milford, Connecticut, a local man, Kevin Conway, 66, was arrested and charged with multiple offenses, including attempted murder, following an alleged attack on his wife. The attack, which occurred on November 25, was reportedly halted by a neighbor who intervened using a leaf blower.

According to Milford police, officers responded to 911 calls about a stabbing on Greer Circle and found the victim, Conway’s wife, with stab wounds. The police affidavit revealed that the victim, after being stabbed at one location on Greer Circle, fled to another address on the same street seeking help. She reportedly told a neighbor that Conway was trying to kill her.

Conway allegedly pursued his wife, armed with three knives, and confronted her and the neighbor. Despite the neighbor’s repeated requests for Conway to drop the knives, he reportedly refused and threatened both his wife and himself. During the confrontation, a second neighbor overheard Conway blaming his wife for ruining his life.

The situation escalated as Conway approached the victim and neighbors. The first neighbor, who was doing yard work at the time, used a leaf blower to strike Conway on the head, incapacitating him. This action was taken as a last resort to prevent further violence.

Both the victim and Conway sustained severe injuries. The victim had stab wounds to her upper torso, while Conway suffered a head injury. They were both transported to a hospital for treatment.

The victim recounted that the altercation began when Conway, who she believed to be under the influence of alcohol and prescription medication, became verbally aggressive and threatened to kill her, different from a previous incident where he had assaulted but not killed her. Conway returned later with three large knives, leading to the stabbing.

Conway was previously arrested in March for assaulting and biting the victim, which led to a protective order being issued against him. He now faces charges of first-degree assault, attempted murder, violation of a protective order, and second-degree threatening. He is currently held at the New Haven Correctional Center on a $75,000 bond and appeared in court on November 27.

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