Confrontation of Las Vegas Shooter at Condo Complex Ends with Gunman Injured

In a disturbing incident on June 23rd, a gunman entered Turnberry Towers, a luxury condominium complex in Las Vegas, and opened fire in the lobby. Surveillance footage, obtained by Channel 13, captured 32-year-old Andrew Warrender carrying an AR-15-style rifle through the building. The incident occurred at the intersection of Paradise Road and Karen Avenue.

Metro police stated that Warrender had an uncle residing in the complex, which facilitated his entry. He retrieved the rifle from his uncle’s unit before proceeding through various floors. The video depicts Warrender navigating stairs, hallways, and elevators while armed.

Upon reaching the lobby, Warrender discharged his weapon. However, the rifle jammed after a single shot. As he attempted to clear the malfunction, a Turnberry Towers employee counterattacked, incapacitating Warrender with multiple shots to his legs and abdomen.

In the video, Warrender is seen collapsing and vocalizing pain. The employee held him at gunpoint until authorities arrived.

Following his hospital release, a grand jury indicted Warrender. His trial is scheduled for February.

A resident praised the employee’s actions, calling them heroic for intervening during the shooting, which resulted in shattered glass in the lobby.

Chris Morris
Author: Chris Morris

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