Commuter Opens Fire in Manhattan Subway in Attempted Mugger Deterrence

Commuter John Rote allegedly opened fire in a Manhattan subway.

A commuter, identified as John Rote, allegedly opened fire in a Manhattan subway in an attempt to deter a mugger. The incident occurred when a vagrant, Matthew Roesch, held open the emergency exit gate for a woman, expecting payment for the “free” fare. Roesch allegedly followed the woman, threatened her, and attempted to grab her bag. Rote intervened by yelling at the robber and opening fire. Rote was subsequently arrested, and his gun was disposed of. Carrying a gun onto the subway is illegal, and Rote was charged with criminal possession of a firearm.

The incident highlights the ongoing issue of crime in the New York City subway system. Subway chief Richard Davey condemned the shooting as “outrageous, reckless, and unacceptable.” However, these incidents will continue until the NYPD effectively addresses the rampant crime in the subway.

The subway system has seen a rise in violent felonies, with incidents through September 2023 being a quarter higher than in 2019. This increase in crime, coupled with smaller issues like aggressive panhandling and drug use, contributes to a climate of fear among subway commuters.

The fact that Roesch, who is known to subway police, was allowed to repeatedly engage in fare theft raises questions about the effectiveness of the NYPD’s response. Fare theft costs the Metropolitan Transportation Authority millions of dollars annually and creates a menacing environment for commuters.

Author: CrimeDoor

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