Colorado Republican Party Faces Backlash for Supporting Election Underminer

The Colorado Republican Party leadership is facing severe criticism after publicly endorsing Tina Peters, an individual charged with criminal impersonation, identity theft, and attempting to influence a public officer. Peters, who previously served as a county clerk in Mesa County, is currently awaiting trial for her alleged actions, which she claims were aimed at exposing election fraud. However, it is important to note that no fraud was found in Mesa County elections, and Peters herself was responsible for compromising the integrity of the voting system.

As former and current Republican election officials in Colorado, we express our disappointment and frustration with the party’s decision to support Peters. We have dedicated our careers to understanding and upholding federal and state election laws, working tirelessly to ensure secure and fair elections. It is disheartening to witness the party endorse an individual who has actively worked against the very principles we hold dear.

Peters’ actions not only undermined the elections in Mesa County but also posed a threat to the overall integrity of the electoral process. Her subsequent national campaign to discredit election processes, coupled with her attempts to raise funds, have only served to deflect blame and put others at risk. As dedicated public servants, we find it unacceptable that the Colorado Republican Party would align itself with someone who failed to fulfill their oath of office and neglected their obligations to the community.

We call upon our fellow Colorado Republican Party members to support the local Republican clerk and recorders who diligently administer elections with integrity. These individuals are the true heroes, faithfully upholding their responsibilities and ensuring that our election system serves the Constitution and every Coloradan casting a ballot.

Author: CrimeDoor

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