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Colorado Man Sentenced for Attempting to Vote Multiple Times in 2022 Election

A Colorado man, Robert Anzulewicz, 41, from Steamboat Springs, has been sentenced to jail time and probation for attempting to vote multiple times in the 2022 general election in Routt County. Anzulewicz pleaded guilty to mail-in ballot election fraud, a misdemeanor, on June 4. Routt County Judge Erin Wilson handed down a sentence of 20 days in jail and two years of probation.

According to 14th Judicial District Attorney Matt Karzen, Anzulewicz made three attempts to vote in the 2022 election. He first used his own mail-in ballot, then forged another person’s mail-in ballot, and finally attempted to vote in person. The motive behind Anzulewicz’s multiple voting attempts remains unclear.

To ensure the prosecution process remained unbiased, Karzen stated that the District Attorney’s office deliberately avoided learning how Anzulewicz voted. The focus was solely on the fraudulent act itself, without any political influence.

The fraudulent voting attempt was promptly flagged by the Routt County Clerk and Recorder’s Office, which rejected Anzulewicz’s additional ballots. County officials emphasized that such offenses are rare but credited the office’s robust processes and procedures for immediately identifying the fraud.

Although the 2022 election did not include presidential candidates, it featured races for a U.S. Senate seat, a House of Representatives position, as well as various state and county positions, including governor, county commissioner, and sheriff.

Online records from the Colorado secretary of state indicate that Anzulewicz is registered as unaffiliated with any political party.

Routt County Clerk and Recorder Jenny Thomas assured the citizens of Routt County that they are diligently working to identify any election offenses. She emphasized the office’s commitment to maintaining a secure and fraud-free electoral process.

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  • Great post! I found the case of Robert Anzulewicz attempting to vote multiple times in the 2022 general election in Routt County quite interesting. Could you please provide more details about how he attempted to vote multiple times? I'm curious to know if he used different identities or if there were any other factors involved in his actions. Thanks!

  • This case reminds me of a similar incident that occurred in my hometown last year. In our local elections, there was a man named John Smith who was caught attempting to vote multiple times using different identities. It was discovered that he had created fake IDs and registered under various names in an attempt to manipulate the election outcome.

    The authorities were alerted when election officials noticed irregularities in the voter registration records. They launched an investigation and found evidence linking John Smith to the fraudulent activities. He was subsequently arrested and charged

  • Do you think the punishment for attempting to vote multiple times is sufficient, or should it be more severe to deter others from engaging in voter fraud?

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