Colorado Lawmakers Pass Sweeping Bill to Overhaul Funeral Home Oversight

Colorado Lawmakers Pass Sweeping Bill to Overhaul Funeral Home Oversight

Colorado lawmakers have taken decisive action to address the state’s lax oversight of funeral homes following a series of disturbing incidents. The passage of a comprehensive bill, which now awaits Governor Jared Polis’ signature, aims to strengthen regulations and enforcement measures in the funeral home industry.

The bill, passed on Monday, grants regulators significantly enhanced enforcement powers over funeral homes and mandates routine inspections of facilities, even after they have closed down. This legislation complements another bill that was approved last week, which requires funeral home directors and other industry professionals to undergo background checks, obtain a mortuary science degree, pass a national examination, and complete an apprenticeship.

These legislative measures come in response to a string of shocking incidents that have deeply affected grieving families across the state. One such incident involved the discovery of 190 decomposing bodies at a funeral home facility infested with bugs, located approximately two hours south of Denver. The owners of the facility have been arrested and now face numerous charges, including abuse of a corpse. In another distressing case, a body was left unattended in the back of a hearse for over a year at a different Colorado funeral home.

Colorado’s funeral home regulations have long been regarded as some of the weakest in the nation. Funeral home directors were not required to have a high school diploma, and routine inspections by regulators were not mandatory, unlike in many other states. The passage of these bills represents a significant update to the state’s funeral home regulations, bringing Colorado in line with national standards.

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