Colombian Sex Offender Released in San Bernardino County Due to Sanctuary-State Law

In a recent incident that has sparked outrage, a Colombian sex offender was released to roam the streets of San Bernardino County, California, instead of being deported. This alarming development is a direct consequence of the sanctuary-state law, which prioritizes a political cause over the safety of constituents. Cali Assemblyman Bill Essayli expressed his frustration, stating that San Bernardino was compelled by the sanctuary-state law to protect this pedophile.

The California Values Act of 2017, a piece of legislation born out of fervent anti-Trump sentiment, prohibits law enforcement officers from inquiring about criminals’ immigration status. Additionally, it forbids them from notifying Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or Border Patrol when individuals who have committed crimes are released from custody. This misguided law effectively hampers efforts to ensure public safety and protect communities.

Similarly, in New York City, the situation is equally grim. Although ICE managed to apprehend most of the violent thieves who robbed a Target and assaulted police officers in Manhattan, it is important to note that this success occurred despite the city’s laws, not because of them. Gotham’s sanctuary city laws prevent law enforcement from notifying ICE about illegal perpetrators and even from honoring detainers, which are notifications from federal authorities to hold individuals until ICE can take them into custody.

These sanctuary policies, embraced by left-leaning politicians across the country, not only condone illegal immigration but also disregard the associated crime and violence it brings. They send a clear message that the continuous influx of individuals across the border is more important than the safety and well-being of average Americans. Those who dare to challenge this narrative are often labeled as racists, further stifling any meaningful discussion on the matter.

Author: CrimeDoor

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