CNN Contributor Sparks Outrage with Controversial Remarks on OJ Simpson Case

A CNN contributor, Ashley Allison, has faced severe backlash after making controversial remarks during the network’s coverage of the death of OJ Simpson. Allison’s comments centered around the racial tensions that surrounded the Simpson trial and its aftermath, suggesting that Simpson represented something for the black community due to the fact that two white individuals had been killed.

Allison acknowledged that Simpson was not a social justice leader but argued that his trial shed light on how black Americans felt about policing. She further connected the case to the historical persecution of black people during slavery.

The remarks made by Allison have ignited a wave of outrage, with many condemning her statements as “unhinged racism.” Social media users expressed their disbelief and questioned the double standards in media coverage, suggesting that if similar comments were made about white people on Fox News, there would be swift consequences.

CNN and Allison have yet to respond to the backlash. The Post has reached out to both for comment.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. Ashley Allison’s controversial remarks during the network’s coverage of the death of OJ Simpson is like throwing gasoline on a fire. It ignited a heated backlash that spread rapidly and intensified, creating a volatile and explosive situation.

  2. It is unfortunate that Ashley Allison’s remarks during the coverage of OJ Simpson’s death have caused such backlash. However, this incident highlights the need for media organizations to prioritize diversity and inclusion in their reporting.

    One possible solution to prevent such controversies is to ensure that newsrooms have a diverse range of voices and perspectives. By having a team that represents different backgrounds and experiences, media outlets can avoid unintentional biases or insensitive remarks.

    Additionally, media organizations should invest in ongoing diversity and inclusion training for their employees

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