Clearwater Man Arrested for Fraudulently Purchasing $31,000 Worth of Lottery Tickets

Clearwater Man Arrested for Fraudulently Purchasing ,000 Worth of Lottery Tickets

A Clearwater man was apprehended on Monday after being caught using a company credit card to acquire over $31,000 worth of scratch-off lottery tickets, as confirmed by law enforcement officials. The suspect, identified as 47-year-old Warren Alexander Johnson, has been charged with conducting a scheme to defraud between $20,000 and $50,000, according to records from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

Johnson, a truck driver employed by All Phase Paving, was discovered to have made fraudulent charges on one of the company’s credit cards in September 2023. The owner of the company, upon reviewing the credit card statements, noticed several thousand dollars’ worth of unauthorized charges. Only three individuals, including Johnson, had credit cards linked to the All Phase Paving bank account, which were intended solely for work-related expenses. Each card possessed a unique number, allowing for easy identification of the employee responsible for the charges.

Further investigation revealed that Johnson’s card had been used to accumulate $31,693 in charges across multiple convenience stores. The owner cross-referenced the credit card charges with the tracking information for the company vehicle assigned to Johnson, confirming a correlation. When confronted by the owner, Johnson admitted to using the credit card to purchase lottery tickets. Unfortunately, the stores in question did not possess surveillance footage. However, a store manager confirmed that Johnson frequently visited the establishment in the work truck and used a credit card to buy scratch-off tickets.

In light of these findings, Johnson was arrested and now faces charges related to his fraudulent activities.

Author: CrimeDoor

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