Classes Cancelled on First Anniversary of MSU Campus Shooting

Michigan State University has announced that classes will be cancelled on February 13, to commemorate the first anniversary of a tragic mass shooting that shook the campus community. Interim President Teresa Woodruff expressed that while classes would not be held on this somber day, the university will remain open, allowing students and faculty to partake in a solemn remembrance event. Normal class activities will resume the following day, on February 14.

On February 13, 2023, the tranquility of Michigan State University was shattered when Anthony McRae unleashed a hail of bullets at Berkey Hall and the MSU Union. The devastating act claimed the lives of three innocent students: Brian Fraser, Arielle Anderson, and Alexandria Verner. Additionally, five other students were wounded during the harrowing incident.

Investigations into the motive behind this rampage revealed a baffling truth – McRae had no connection whatsoever to his victims or the university. Authorities, despite their diligent efforts, were unable to ascertain any conclusive motive for the horrifying campus shootings. Tragically, McRae would ultimately take his own life later that evening when confronted by the police.

The loss and suffering endured by the MSU community on that fateful day necessitate a collective effort to remember and honor the victims. Michigan State University’s decision to cancel classes signifies their commitment to ensuring that profound remembrance and reflection can take place among the faculty, staff, and students.

As the first anniversary approaches, the events that unfolded on February 13, 2023, still reverberate deeply within the hearts and minds of those affected. Michigan State University remains resolute in their support of these individuals as they pay tribute to the lives tragically taken.

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