City Council’s Women’s Caucus Faces Backlash for Hypocrisy on Crime Concerns

Members of the City Council’s Women’s Caucus are facing criticism for their sudden expression of concern over rising crime rates, particularly attacks against women, despite their alleged support for laws that restrict the NYPD’s ability to combat crime. The caucus issued a statement on Wednesday, citing reports of attacks against women in lower Manhattan and calling for an immediate and comprehensive investigation by the NYPD.

However, their statement has been met with accusations of hypocrisy from fellow council members. Councilman Joe Borelli questioned the Women’s Caucus’s stance on increasing penalties for repeat offenders, while Councilman Bob Holden highlighted the absence of any mention of the perpetrators’ criminal records or the impact of lenient policies on crime rates. Holden further emphasized that many members of the Women’s Caucus also belong to the progressive caucus, which advocates for defunding the police.

Holden pointed out that the Women’s Caucus had previously supported a law requiring police officers to file reports on even minor interactions or stops with the public, a move that faced opposition from Mayor Eric Adams and the NYPD. He also noted that the statement was released on the same day as the funeral of police officer Jonathan Diller, who was fatally shot by a serial criminal during a traffic stop.

The timing and content of the Women’s Caucus’s statement have drawn criticism, with Holden describing it as “the height of hypocrisy.” He argued that their support for policies that hinder law enforcement efforts contradicts their sudden concern for women’s safety.

Members of the Women’s Caucus declined to comment on the backlash, but one anonymous council member expressed surprise at the negative response. She emphasized the importance of men supporting women and highlighted the recent increase in random violent acts against women.

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  1. While it may seem contradictory for the members of the City Council’s Women’s Caucus to express concern over rising crime rates while also supporting laws that restrict the NYPD’s ability to combat crime, it is important to consider their perspective. The members of the caucus may argue that their support for these laws is not aimed at hindering the police force’s ability to address crime, but rather at advocating for police reform and accountability.

    They may argue that the current criminal justice system disproportionately targets marginalized communities, including women,

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