Chinese Couple Executed for Murdering Children to Start New Family

In a shocking and chilling case that has sent shockwaves across China, a Chinese couple has been executed for the heinous crime of murdering the man’s two children from his previous marriage. Zhang Bo and his girlfriend Ye Chengchen met a tragic end on Wednesday when they were believed to have been put to death by lethal injection, following the approval of their death sentence by China’s top court.

The horrifying incident took place in 2020 when Zhang, driven by his girlfriend’s influence, threw his two-year-old daughter Zhang Ruixue and one-year-old son Zhang Yangrui out of a high-rise apartment window on the 15th floor of a residential tower in Chongqing. The motive behind this brutal act was Ye’s perception of the children as an “obstacle” to their future together.

The court determined that Ye played a significant role in forcing Zhang to commit the murders and helped stage their deaths as an “accidental” fall. The couple’s actions were deemed “despicable” and “brutal,” warranting severe consequences in accordance with the law.

Zhang’s extramarital affair with Ye, without disclosing his marital status and the existence of his children, led to a series of tragic events. After divorcing his then-wife Chen Meilin in February 2020, Ye urged Zhang to eliminate his two children, considering them a burden on their future life together.

Videos captured after the incident showed Zhang in a state of grief and remorse, banging his head against the wall and sobbing uncontrollably. Initially, he claimed to have been asleep when the children “fell,” only waking up to the commotion downstairs. However, the evidence presented in court proved otherwise.

The executions of Zhang and Ye have garnered significant attention in China, with their crime being described as “cold-blooded” and premeditated. The age of the victims, coupled with the calculated nature of the murders, has intensified public outrage.

On Chinese social media site Weibo, their executions quickly became a trending topic, amassing nearly 200 million views. Many expressed satisfaction with the punishment, believing it to be fitting for the severity of the crime.

The tragic case serves as a stark reminder of the depths some individuals can sink to in pursuit of their desires. The loss of innocent lives and the devastating impact on the children’s mother, Chen Meilin, has left the nation in shock and disbelief.


Author: CrimeDoor

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