Charges Unsealed in $234,500 Dime Heist from U.S. Mint Shipment

Charges Unsealed in 4,500 Dime Heist from U.S. Mint Shipment

Federal authorities have provided further details and unsealed charges in the theft of over 2 million dimes earlier this year from a tractor-trailer transporting the coins from the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia.

The incident occurred on April 13 when the truck driver, en route to Miami, parked in a lot to rest. Overnight, thieves targeted the vehicle, making off with a portion of its cargo consisting of $750,000 in dimes, weighing approximately six tons.

Prosecutors now allege that the theft amounted to $234,500 in stolen dimes. Thousands of coins were found strewn across a parking lot in northeast Philadelphia.

According to reports from The Philadelphia Inquirer, authorities believe this theft was part of a broader spree of robberies targeting tractor-trailers passing through the region. The thieves also allegedly stole frozen crab legs, shrimp, meat, beer, and liquor.

Surveillance footage recorded six individuals, dressed in gray hoodies and equipped with bolt cutters, approaching the truck during the night. They broke into the vehicle, transferred the coins into smaller bags, and loaded them onto a waiting truck.

The recently unsealed indictment indicates that following the theft, thousands of dimes were converted into cash using coin machines in Maryland or deposited into at least four different suburban Philadelphia banks.

Four individuals from Philadelphia—Rakiem Savage (25), Ronald Byrd (31), Haneef Palmer (30), and Malik Palmer (32)—now face multiple charges, including conspiracy, robbery, theft of government money, and others. Messages requesting comment on the charges were sent to attorneys representing Savage and Malik Palmer. Court documents did not list attorneys for Byrd and Haneef Palmer, and attempts to reach the latter through a provided contact number were unsuccessful.

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