Chaos on Brooklyn A Train Exposes Failures in Subway Safety Measures

Chaos on Brooklyn A Train Exposes Failures in Subway Safety Measures

The recent incident on a Brooklyn A train has shed light on the failures of current subway safety strategies implemented by Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams. The chaotic scene unfolded during rush hour, as a 36-year-old man named Dajuan Robinson boarded the train with a hostile agenda. Singling out a seated rider, Robinson unleashed a barrage of hate-based comments and direct threats, escalating the tension within the subway car.

In an attempt to defend himself, the targeted rider, 32-year-old Younece Obuad, stood up to confront Robinson. However, Obuad was quickly overpowered, prompting a woman to intervene by stabbing Robinson to protect Obuad. This temporary respite was short-lived, as Robinson retrieved a gun from his backpack. In a desperate struggle, Obuad managed to gain control of the weapon and fired several shots, critically injuring Robinson.

This incident is just one in a series of subway shootings that have occurred this year, highlighting the urgent need for effective solutions. Governor Hochul’s deployment of 750 National Guard troops to conduct bag searches proved ineffective, as these searches were voluntary and did not address the root cause of the issue. Furthermore, the limited number of police officers and the release of suspects on bail exacerbate the enforcement challenges faced by the NYPD.

To address the escalating subway violence, a comprehensive approach is required. Drawing inspiration from the successful strategies employed in the 1990s, when transit-police chief Bill Bratton cracked down on fare evasion, a similar approach could be implemented. By arresting individuals caught evading fares and detaining them for warrant checks, a strong message would be sent that lawlessness will not be tolerated.

However, the current lack of policing power poses a significant obstacle. The transit police headcount is 435 officers below what it was a decade ago, and Mayor Adams’s reluctance to allocate additional funds for more transit police exacerbates the problem. Instead, emergency coverage is provided through overtime shifts, which is not a sustainable solution.

Mayor Adams’s assertion that subway crime is down fails to acknowledge the reality on the ground. Violent subway crimes have increased by 8% this year, and the per-capita felony rate is twice as high as it was before 2020. The mayor’s focus on mental health issues, while important, does not address the deliberate actions of individuals like Robinson, who intentionally brought a gun onto the train and resumed the fight despite having an opportunity to walk away.

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  1. This incident on the Brooklyn A train is absolutely appalling and infuriating. It is a clear indication of the complete failure of Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams in ensuring the safety of subway passengers. How many more incidents like this do we need before they take real action?

    It’s mind-boggling that despite all the promises and assurances, our subway system continues to be plagued by such incidents. People should be able to travel on the subway without fearing for their safety. Yet, here we are, witnessing

  2. As a frequent subway rider in New York City, my personal goal is to stay informed and advocate for improved subway safety measures. I plan to educate myself about the current strategies in place and understand their limitations. Additionally, I aim to support organizations and initiatives that work towards enhancing subway safety and hold elected officials accountable for implementing effective solutions. By staying engaged and actively participating in discussions surrounding subway safety, I hope to contribute to a safer and more secure public transportation system for all commuters.

  3. Great post! The safety issues on the subway are definitely concerning. I think it’s important to spread awareness about these failures and hold our leaders accountable. I’d be happy to share this post on my social media platforms to help promote it and reach a wider audience. Together, we can make a difference and push for better subway safety measures. Keep up the great work!

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